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Empowered Mom: Balanced On My Terms & My Influence

Someone once asked me how being a mom affected me or changed me. I was not sure how to respond because in every way it changed me and altered my path in life. Anthony made me a mom, a title I prayed and hoped for my entire life. Motherhood tested my usually controlled life in many ways with no sleep, new mom doubts and postpartum depression. Being a mom kicked into gear an auto response reinforced by my values and strengthened my “family first” priorities which kept me centered every step of my journey. It also challenged my desire to continue to fulfill my purpose to educate and motivate others. It was difficult at times finding my way and to realize that the “work/life balance” myth is not only tough however it is not impossible. I realized that if balance was the goal between my “work life” and my “family/friends/faith/hobbies life” - That I AM THE EQUALIZER. I am empowered to draw the line, say no or set boundaries on work projects or travel to speaking engagements. I can go heavy on work during certain times of the year and then pull back to spend time being a mom, or recharge and refuel with friends and family. I CAN DO THAT! I am empowered to alter the scale and balance to make it work best for me so I can be my best self and serve at my best potential in all my roles in my life.

I also know in every bit of my being that I had a tremendous head start on being a good mom solely because I had an incredible woman, Julia Kosnikowski aka my Mommy, to show me the way to nurture, be patient, strength in faith and be the most impactful version of love. She is truly an angel on this earth and the finest example of motherhood. I will be forever grateful for your grace, love and all you have given me.

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