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The Firsts & Lasts: Part One

Anthony graduated from 5th grade on May 29th. I am now a mom of a middle schooler. Oh boy! Lately, I have been experiencing a lot of “lasts” and on a mission to experience as many as I can before he moves on to middle school. Last field trip. Last mass celebration. Last time to go have lunch with him. Last field day. Last classroom party. I am in the transition time to the “firsts”. 

I was with him when Anthony walked for the first time, spoke, swam, dove in a pool, rode his bike, made friends, and many other first adventures.

First day at middle school. First bus trip to school. First locker at school. The “first” of many things I don't even know yet! I know that Holy Trinity Middle School is where he needs to be. He has had such a supportive community and amazing teachers at St Matthew preparing him for whatever comes his way. What an amazing honor to witness the incredible and kind human being he is becoming. Go Anthony go! (just not too fast!) :)

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