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Amy K Diliso, National Speaker, Motivational Educator, and Keynote Speaker

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Proudly based out of Charlotte, North Carolina

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My mission is to EDUCATE, MOTIVATE, & INSPIRE audiences to reach their greatest potential by arming them with the tools to make lasting change. I love empowering women, sales teams, direct selling organizations, entrepreneurs, and leaders at all levels. 

Tap into Amy Kosnikowski Dilisio’s 30 years of successfully leading and motivating teams to inspire breakthrough solutions and positive results through collaborative exercises, strategic processes, and fun, effective activities. Connect with Amy today to design a session that will maximize your team’s skills and strengths.

Dynamic. Enthusiastic. Knowledgeable.

-Janis Cowey, CWS, Director of Operation Compliance



Amy is a proven leader in sales, leasing, management and the marketing of real estate assets across the country. In 1990 she began her career onsite as a leasing professional advancing quickly to Director of Marketing & Training with companies such as Summit Properties and Oakwood Worldwide. Based out of Charlotte North Carolina, Amy is a national speaker and industry educator who in 2005 launched her education and consulting firm, Quintessential Marketing & Training.


Amy is a popular motivational speaker at national, state and regional apartment associations where she gladly shares her knowledge and experience in leasing, marketing and leadership with all to improve performance and enhance results.  As a member of the faculty of the National Apartment Association Education Institute along with having recently served on the NAA Education Advisory Board, Amy continues to strives to broaden industry strength and skill through professional development and challenging the status quo.


Be curious. Engage life. Take risks. Don’t shy away from competition but move toward it! You got this. You can do this! And I am here to help.

It is an honor to be a small part of someone's education journey. I find it very rewarding to encourage and motivate others to reflect and then create their own game plan. Whether it is to improve their overall mental wellness, realign priorities, enhance relationships, or widen leadership abilities. To inspire someone to create awareness and then make a positive change in their career is a great privilege. I hope to create that "a-ha" moment or even be the jumpstart that is needed for you to be on your way to becoming your best self today.

Kind, Confident, Smart & THE BEST! 

-Merriwether Hendrick, Wells Fargo