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Let’s talk about EAP

Did you know that most companies' Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)  are unused? The national average is less than 10% of employees utilize their EAP benefits. Why lose out on a vast array of resources to help you live your best life? (plus your immediate family as well!) 

One of the biggest challenges for most employees NOT using these FREE tools and services is that they do not know it is completely confidential. NO ONE will know why you are tapping into the services. Even your HR department. They may know that employees are using it but they do not know who, why, or which service.

An additional challenge is that you may not know WHAT is available to you and how to access the resources free of charge. EAP programs typically range in offerings from basic to well-rounded plans extending from counseling, financial advice, estate planning, adoption assistance, substance abuse, and much, much more! 

How well do you know what is included in your EAP? I challenge you to find out what you can be tapping into to increase your wellness as well as your immediate family! Also, determine HOW to specifically refer colleagues and other employees so they too can maximize their health. Keep the links and toll-free numbers handy to refer to frequently and use yourself. Even share at your next team meeting to normalize the discussion of mental health and wellbeing. Be well and share it with others.

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