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Optimistic & Grounded

In preparation for the webinar, “You Got This”, I reflected on my varying range of emotions as we settled into the reality of living within the unprecedented days of COVID-19. In the early days I asked myself several times a day, “How can I possibly manage all of this?”. A growing business, deadlines to prepare for tons of speaking engagements coming up, my husband now working from home and managing a distant learning schedule for my son? Plus the growing fear and anxiety of all potential dangers of catching this mystery virus. A HUGE shift was happening at lightning speed. None of us was prepared for this. I was NOT prepared for this. It took me a while to get my mind wrapped around the altered lifestyle by the end of Week 1. It was not pretty in the beginning and was (and still can be) scary but I knew that I could not stay in the troubled and uncertain state of being. Not just for myself but also my family.

I knew in order for me to not only survive but to thrive, I had to stay optimistic and be grounded in the here and now. In order to do this I simply had to focus on what matters most to me and take it one day at a time. I will share my “Hoping & Coping” strategy in the three part insight series. Part One is all about Adapting & Accepting. Part Two is Getting Back to the Basics. And the finale, Part Three is all about Grace & Gratitude.

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