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Part II of III: Back to the Basics of Life

This virus brought me “Back to the Basics” or really served as an ultimate reset button that I didn't realize I needed- until now! In my new normal and daily routine, I knew that for the short and/or long term, I had to be sure that my optimism would sustain me. I considered what are those “things” that fuels me and feed me everyday? Meaning what are those feel good, soul food type of actions that I can ensure that I do to keep ME going. On my mission of wellness and feeling good, I have chosen the WW path to eat healthy, increase being active and enhancing my overall well being. Being the I am the menu planner, the grocery list developer and culinary creator of food -- It was somewhat easier to sustain the healthy choices that even my husband and son both love!

Since I did the shopping and made the meals that fed us this was an easy goal to hit. Plus it brought comfort and joy cooking together. Another area that always makes me feel good is working out. I wanted to do my best even if I can’t go to the gym. Anthony and I walk everyday (if not twice!) in our neighborhood and ride our mountain bikes in our local park. I also found challenging workout videos online (Fitness Blender and Popsugar are favorites) and converted my garage into a gym. To me it is therapeutic to be outside whether it is starting a garden, mountain biking or planting flowers. I find that getting outside always improves my mood.

Assisting Anthony in his school work has helped me dust off hobbies that love that have gone dormant such as painting, crafts and science experiments! All of these “renewed” passions feed my soul.

The one area that many feel now is a certain level of isolation. I am fortunate to live in a fantastic neighborhood filled with many friends so it was easy to stay connected to the people who ground me and feed my soul. For those who are further away I embrace the Zoom Happy Hour with my Supper Club Ladies, FaceTime with my bonus daughters, Mary Kathryn and Julie, to keep us connected as well as with my parents and sisters. Each call resulted in filling my bucket with family connection and lots of love.

Don’t get me wrong sometimes these soul feeding activities do not happen everyday but I try hard to make them a priority in my “daily-discipline-to-do-things” that feed me and make me feel good.

Getting back to the basics is tough when you are moving so fast and distracted with the chores of life.

I have now come back to being present much more often such as with my son during our morning hike and enjoying the joy of a movie night or family firepit. Often, I hear Anthony say, “Why have we never done this before?”, or “I miss doing this with you, Mommy.” and even, “Can we do this every night?. When you hear statements like that this mom knows she is mastering getting back to the basics. In these uncertain times what I do know to be true is that we are creating new memories that I have a feeling will be our new normal whatever the future brings.

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