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What I learned in Atlanta at Apartmentalize

Amy’s Top Ten Takeaways: What I learned in Atlanta at Apartmentalize

  1. How much I need to reconnect and STAY connected with my industry colleagues for my mental health and emotional wellbeing! :)

  2. You can pick up conversations and catch where you left of with true and authentic friends.

  3. There is much to learn everyday to continue to evolve and be relevant in today’s market.

  4. I am ok to know that I will never be able to cover the whole expo floor no matter how comfy my shoes are or how much coffee I have!

  5. I learned sooo much from Kristi Fickert and Drew Hudson about taking my LinkedIn experience to another level! WOW!

  6. Holli Beckman and Jamie Gorski reinforced the importance of community experience, social events and connection opportunities at our assets. “Build it. Program it. They will come.”

  7. The Atlanta Aquarium is a must see! The wales, rays, sharks and belugas - Oh my!

  8. I am always honored to speak at NAA and was so grateful for all of the warm feedback from attendees in our session on mental health conversations. You are a dream team to work with John Sons & Valerie Sargent!

  9. Lindsey Vonn insights- Be careful of who you admire. You can learn much from mentors from afar. Failing and overcoming adversities both made her stronger. She was motivated and driven on her own terms. She believed in herself and surrounded herself with others who did too. She was satisfied with the hard work, not necessarily the win. Lindsey declared herself a “one upper” to push herself to be better, stronger and faster. She battled mental health challenges and fought her “team” to openly talk about it. Lindsey took a big risk to beat the stigma around mental health so others can learn from her experience, struggles and how she found ways to cope and be well. She now invests in others to give back and encourage others to find their “why”. Lindsey Vonn described herself in 3 words: Grit, perseverance and don’t compare yourself to others. I plan to listen to her book ”Rise” this summer.

10. Jason Sukedis was as lovely and charming as I hoped he would be. He was honest about his hard work as a writer on SNL. It was impressive how the 3 people that he mentioned that had the most impact on his success were women, Tina Fey, Amy Pohler and Kristin Wiig. Jason also stressed the importance of mentors in his career. He shared that he is amazed that people he admired and mentored him along his journey are now his friends. Jaoson was also very honest about his challenges with mental health and how he wanted it to be part of the Ted Lasso story because it is real, relatable and so common. I believe Ted Lasso can live on in all of us with optimism, kindness, courage and belief. We all need much more of that in our world!

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