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How to Remain Positive and Get Unstuck

We can all relate to feeling stuck in rut at work or even feeling drained by demands and duties. I am naturally wired with a positive outlook and typically have an optimistic attitude but I too have limits and can feel the stress of too many commitments and an over scheduled life. When I am feeling overwhelmed or not like myself- I take time to reset and evaluate. What do I need to get back to being my best self? 

Having this self-awareness is key in so many areas of life and doing a daily check in. Asking myself, “Do I need to say “no” more often in order to say “yes” to myself?” or “Am I caring for myself so I can bounce back effectively with enough sleep, eating well, working out and surrounding myself with positivity?” or “Am I letting others' burdens or judgements bother me?” Be like Elsa and “Let it go!” 

It has been a mission of mine since I had Anthony over 11 years ago to keep myself full of what I need to feel like my best self. When I honor myself by protecting my energy, compassion, patience and resiliency, I have so much more to give and share with others. However if I do not take care of myself FIRST, I cannot take care of others. 

When I focus on the positive and all the blessings around me, my focus changes. I see and attract more good things in my life. So if you are feeling stuck or not like your best self- take the time to reset and evaluate what you need to come back to you. 

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