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The Rise. The Fall. The Getting Back Up. The Journey.

I, like many of you, are on a similar journey to becoming our best selves. I am still overcoming the need to be an “overachiever” or searching for perfection. I am changing my mindset and focusing more on making progress not perfection. The process of developing, improving and living better. Life is not about perfection! It’s about trying, learning, messing up, and trying again. What I know to be true is that there will be many flops and failures along the way. That is ok for that is where we learn and grow. “The Fall” is bound to happen when you try new things or risk to grow. The key is getting back up stronger and wiser, learning from our experiences and not losing hope in ourselves. Keeping on progressing is what really helps us on our journey–not being perfect. That does not mean we should not try to be our best selves on our terms.

Sometimes maintaining progress in your journey is just as important as the destination. Don’t get down on yourself because something wasn’t done perfectly. Chasing perfection can cause us to miss the fun of the journey. The thrill of the ride. The roller coaster or the excitement of trying new things, exploring new avenues or finding success along the way. It is all about learning, evolving and growing. As Nelson Mandela said,

"I never lose. I either win or I learn."

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